Accept Payments On-line


Integrate with any payment gateway and start accepting on-line payments.


Simply send a link to your customers and they can pay you directly.

Virtual Terminal

Accept over the telephone payments with a simple on-line virtual terminal.

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway enables fast and secure card payment transactions.

Secure & efficient payment gateway solutions

Accept card
payments on-line
securely & efficently

Our Payment Page redirects cardholders to an externally hosted payment page; allowing your business to accept card payments on-line securely and efficiently via an existing website.

A payments page provides you with an on-line version of a MultiPay machine and allows card payments to be processed and authorised. This simple system allows your customers to complete their card details on your existing website; after which these details are passed on to the card processor for authorisation via the payment page.

Security and service is at the heart of our business so you can depend on us for fast, secure and reliable payments. Our on-line payment systems utilise the most up to date technology for fast and secure online payments. With the latest payment processing technology, we can ensure your payments are fast, secure and reliable.

How On-line Payments Work

Your customer selects the goods they wish to purchase from your website and enters their order and delivery details. Your customer then enters their credit or debit card details which are captured securely. At this point, your customer will be prompted to enter their Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code password on their card issuer’s page.

The merchant bank then sends the credit card details to your customer’s card issuer who authorises or declines the transaction. Authorisation results are sent to you and your customer to confirm the results of the transaction.

Payment Gateway Benefits

Free MultiPay 24/7 UK-based telephone advice & support
Free advanced fraud screening tools
Free PayPal integration
Free personalised payment pages
Flexible payment processing options
Accept multiple currencies
Easy integration process
Live on-line management reporting
Real-time payment authorisation

Why use MultiPay


MultiPay Merchant Services is a brand that has been built on years of trust and industry expertise.  This is why we are trusted by some of the best known retail brand names in the world.


Our combined payments experience and expertise have grown over decades in the payments industry. We have embraced the rapid growth in diverse industry sectors and technologies.


Our services are constantly evolving with the latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with a range of basic to extremely sophisticated customer-centric card payment systems.


We want to create a genuine partnership to help your business grow by empowering you to offer payment solutions that not only fit your business needs but the needs and desires of your customers.