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You can save up to 70% on card processing fees with MultiPay Merchant Services

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You can use multiple merchant accounts on a single card machine.


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A merchant account or card processing account, is a necessary function in the process of accepting card payments. Your merchant account processes card payments. The merchant service providers transfer the funds received from your customer to your business bank account next day, which is faster than the average 3 to 4 days.

As experts in merchant card processing, MultiPay can arrange the whole process on your behalf. After you complete a simple application form, we then set up your account which we activate for you in conjunction with setting up your card machine.

We’ll then dispatch your card terminal straight away. Your card machine is set up prior to dispatch, ensuring it can simply be turned on and ready for use straight away.  The funds from purchases made by your customers will automatically be transferred into your business account in full, the next working day, free of charge.

Merchant services for your card processing needs

You will receive a statement at the end of each month detailing all your card sales and refunds.

Our card machines are suitable for use in any business.  They include countertop, portable and mobile card machines meaning we can provide a solution for any type of business.

We work with all the major merchant banks for card processing on behalf of our customers.

We are able to facilitate a secure, reliable and trustworthy service to our many thousands of customers.  At MultiPay, our ethos is that “Service Matters” and as such we only use providers that follow our stringent service standards – ensuring that our customers receive an outstanding level of service at an affordable price that complements their businesses.

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MultiPay Merchant Services is a brand that has been built on years of trust and industry expertise.  This is why we are trusted by some of the best known retail brand names in the world.


Our combined payments experience and expertise have grown over decades in the payments industry. We have embraced the rapid growth in diverse industry sectors and technologies.


Our services are constantly evolving with the latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with a range of basic to extremely sophisticated customer-centric card payment systems.


We want to create a genuine partnership to help your business grow by empowering you to offer payment solutions that not only fit your business needs but the needs and desires of your customers.