How to accept debit & credit cards?

For any business operating in 2021, accepting credit card payments is a given. Cash might be easier, but cash is slower and less convenient than card payments for customers.

Whether you are brand new to card payments or looking to switch your current provider, our guide will take you through 5 simple steps in ensuring you choose the correct payment solution & provider for your business.

Discover the following

  • What type of payment processing options are available?
  • What payment equipment you will need?
  • Overview of processing fees and pricing models.
  • What to consider when selecting a card processor.
  • What to look out for in terms & conditions.

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    Why use MultiPay


    MultiPay Merchant Services is a brand that has been built on years of trust and industry expertise.  This is why we are trusted by some of the best known retail brand names in the world.


    Our combined payments experience and expertise have grown over decades in the payments industry. We have embraced the rapid growth in diverse industry sectors and technologies.


    Our services are constantly evolving with the latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with a range of basic to extremely sophisticated customer-centric card payment systems.


    We want to create a genuine partnership to help your business grow by empowering you to offer payment solutions that not only fit your business needs but the needs and desires of your customers.