Our payment solutions

Card Machines

Our complete range of card machines are the perfect solution for all of your payment needs. Packed full of essential features, our card terminals are ultra-reliable and easy to use.

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Merchant Accounts

Experts in merchant card processing, MultiPay will arrange the whole process free of charge allowing you to accept card payments quickly and with great rates to get you started.

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On-line Payments

As on-line payments become increasingly more popular, the MultiPay on-line payments solution provides a reliable and cost-effective way for our customers to trade online.

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Your card machine doesn’t just accept card payments, with our suite of apps it is also capable of running your customer loyalty programme and can even be used as a mobile POS.

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The MultiPay Difference

payment processing.

MultiPay Merchant Services provide all businesses with everything they need to accept credit and debit card chip and pin payments, including Contactless Credit Card Machines and Card Processing Merchant Accounts.

We provide multi-functional Chip & PIN card terminals for hospitality, retail and mobile businesses. All our card machines accept contactless payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Consequently, this enables us to provide everything our customers need to accept debit and credit card payments.

Furthermore, our fast and efficient switching service can save new customers as much as 70% on their existing costs. This is due to our preferential processing rates we have negotiated with the Merchant Banks. As a result, our competitive credit card processing rates and merchant accounts ensure our customers receive fully-integrated card processing and card terminal solutions.

Why use MultiPay


MultiPay Merchant Services is a brand that has been built on years of trust and industry expertise.  This is why we are trusted by some of the best known retail brand names in the world.


Our combined payments experience and expertise have grown over decades in the payments industry. We have embraced the rapid growth in diverse industry sectors and technologies.


Our services are constantly evolving with the latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with a range of basic to extremely sophisticated customer-centric card payment systems.


We want to create a genuine partnership to help your business grow by empowering you to offer payment solutions that not only fit your business needs but the needs and desires of your customers.

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